This Is Lebanon has been working tirelessly since the aftermath of the recent blast towards the goal of getting Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) back home safely.

Prior to the blast, conditions had deteriorated with an increasing number of employers being unable to afford, or simply refusing to pay, the salaries of their migrant domestic workers. There has been a sharp increase in migrant workers being thrown out of their sponsor’s homes, often without payment or personal identification, leaving them in a highly vulnerable position.

In response to this, as well as untenable conditions for work, This Is Lebanon calls for an immediate evacuation of vulnerable migrant workers in Lebanon. This new #SendUsHome campaign seeks to provide migrant workers a way home through the provision of flight tickets, information, and pressure on embassies and consulates of countries of origin to safely repatriate their citizens back home.

Our campaign activities serve the purpose of safely getting Migrant Domestic Workers back home.

Raising money for the repatriation of MDWs. If their employer neglects them, they haven't been paid, and their country is not sponsoring their evacuation, they need your support.

The Lebanese authorities are fully responsible for these workers' fate. But instead of facilitating their exit from the country, both General Security and the Judiciary put obstacles in the way to their repatriation.

Coming Soon!

We are raising funds to evacuate the most vulnerable migrant domestic workers in Lebanon so they can return to their families.

Here's how you can help: #SendUsHome


July 5, 2022 | 9:34 am

Hosy Hamdan, Rapist of Gharifeh & Torturer Scalper and Agent Ramez Hamade in Lebanons Kafala

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Georges Khalaf and Pascale Abou Diwan Coerce Mavis to Sign Her Rights Away

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June 27, 2022 | 12:24 pm

Mohamad Omari of Las Perlas Resort Keeps Regina in Forced Labour

Mohamad Omari and Hasna Said Haddid, from Tripoli, are owners of Las Perlas Resort. Regina alleges that she suffered physical abuse while working for them and that Mohamad tore up her passport and owes her 9.5 months salary.