Food and medicine for kafala victims in Lebanon

The coronavirus pandemic has made victims of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Governments and NGOs around the world have mobilized people to treat patients and attempt to contain the epidemic. As gallant as the collective effort may be, there remains plenty of vulnerable people in dire, desperate conditions as a result of the pandemic’s spread. Among these, migrant domestic workers in the Middle East.

   Ethiopians are approximately 77% of the total population of domestic workers across Lebanon and they form the bulk of the migrant worker population across the Middle East. In Lebanon, an economic crisis that hit the country hard in the latter half of 2019, put many domestic workers out of a job. As a result of government ordered lockdowns to contain the virus, many of these jobless Ethiopian domestic workers have no money for food and other basic necessities. They are estimated to number in the thousands in Lebanon.

English | April 4, 2021



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