Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

The employers stole their worker’s money after she quit from being overworked but returned it when faced with the possibility of being exposed on social media.

9 years ago, Chadi and Ali Mahfouz, caught the world’s attention after being caught on video assaulting, Alem Dechasa, an Ethiopian migrant domestic worker. She died three days later. Their work continues.

The Farhats chose to accuse their worker of theft to avoid paying her salary. Unfortunately for them, she had proof that the thief was one of their children.

Hicham and Enaam said they “considered Faith as part of the family.” Perhaps that is why they felt they didn’t have to pay her.

Bernice, a Ghanaian MDW has worked for Mario El Khoury for 9 months without pay. She had to return home without her wages which amount to $2075.

Emelia describes horrible conditions working for Dania Bitar. However, the worst part was she had not been paid. When we contacted Dania, she immediately sent Emelia to the Consulate, but has still refused to pay.


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