Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

Jamil said Evelyn was stealing their meds, always high, blew up their kitchen and was a liar and a thief. Investigations indicate Layal and Jamil are the thieves.

Noah Zaiter is Lebanon’s most infamous drugs and arms dealer, wanted by Interpol. Kamaru suffered pervasive abuses and slavery under their family.

Dorcas contacted TIL because she hadn’t been paid for 5 mths. After a short negotiation, she got a plane ticket and her full salary.

Bassem is a police officer. He denied Salma of her salary and sexually abused her.

Ali, a smuggler, paid Naume $770 for 19.5 months work – $1.30 per day. Ali falsely accused her of theft to try to cover his non-payment of $3,300.

Dr. Kfoury locked Regina in. He wanted her to sleep naked beside him. He asked to give her a ‘private examination’. His death secured her release.


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