Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

Siham and Roula Rashid, mother and daughter, threaten a false accusation of theft when confronted with allegations of $1,550 of unpaid salary.

King Rolodex likes to splash money around on his Insta account but doesn’t have the money to do his worker’s documents or pay her on time.

Meskerem was enslaved in Lebanon for 8 years, partly due to negligence of her own consulate. Her madam continues to go unpunished.

Asuma describes that when she asked Dr Khaled, a lawyer, for her salary, he, his cousin and brother-in-law beat her up. He refused to pay her the 4 months’ salary or hospital expenses.

In March 2012, Meseret Hailu vanished working for Dr. May Saadeh. Her family did not hear from her until 7.5 years later. They feared she was dead.

Juliana was owed 4 months salary. With pressure, she was paid in full. We’re leaving out the employers names since they paid up.


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