Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

On the surface, Richard Khoury and Rana Germanos appear to be outstanding citizens as co-owners of the prominent George Shop hair salon. Few outside their immediate family know about the ten years of horrendous treatment they’ve subjected their domestic worker to.

Loubna Jaafar owes Shukurat $2047 in unpaid salary. She was recorded saying “They are slaves…In the Jaafar family, if she did something we’d kill her.”

Unpaid for 14 months, Desta supposedly tied her own noose with horribly injured hands. Another suspicious death called a ‘suicide’.

The Bardawils, owners of 5index, kept Jennifer as a slave for 10 months. They sent her home under pressure from TIL and provided no evidence of ever paying her.

In September 2020, Rodelyn Dollete, a former Migrant Domestic Worker from The Philippines, contacted us to help reclaim her unpaid salary from her former employers.

Bilal Khalil was detained for the death of an Ethiopian worker. He’s accused of operating a torture room out of his office. No wonder Isha was scared for her life.


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