Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

Emelia describes horrible conditions working for Dania Bitar. However, the worst part was she had not been paid. When we contacted Dania, she immediately sent Emelia to the Consulate, but has still refused to pay.

It took some time for Charity to trust us with the contact information for her employers. Eventually, we began negotiations with her employers in September, 2020. She flew back to Ghana in October with her full salary.

Joyce ran to the police station for help and protested to them that she was owed 7 months salary. The police threw her in a cell and she spent 5 months 10 days in detention.

Esther was sent home with 6 mths unpaid salary. This Is Lebanon negotiated with the madam and convinced her the best option was to pay Esther in installments.

Mr. Sakr is one of Lebanon’s wealthiest and most well-known businessmen. According to Mary and two other domestic workers, he is also a sexual predator.

Hussein and Suzanne Mokbel employed Ivy Osei for 7.5 mths. They only paid her $300. After we helped her escape they falsely accused her of stealing their gold.


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