Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

Adel was secretly recorded beating Rachel and calling her an animal. He accused her of stealing her own passport and owes her $700 in unpaid salary.

Muna Giri has endured daily physical abuse and slavery at the hands of the Mouawad family of Zgharta for 15 years.

Antoine and Nawal Yachcouchi warn Mavis to stay away from the Syrians in the building as they are “lower than Lebanese” while at the same time enslaving her.

The Beaini family are choosing to keep their children in the most expensive private school in Lebanon rather than pay their domestic worker her salary.

The story of Tony & Elias Reaidy’s enslavement and physical abuse of an adolescent Ethiopian girl.

Abigail massaged feet, stayed up with the dog and cleaned the house. She alleges she was sexually harassed by her madam’s father and deported without her 11 months salary.


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