Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

There are multiple witnesses to the abuse meted out in Hayat Toumieh’s agency in Zahle. The Lebanese government should carry out an independent investigation and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Fadi and Marguerite hadn’t paid Veronica for 9 months. They tried to sell her but Veronica was determined to go home. She did so, but without her salary.

Nadim and Abir Haddad promised Grace that they were saving her money for her and she would receive it all when she went home – not a single cent short. Grace believed them because they drove flash cars including a Lamborghini. They sent her home $2800 short and are refusing to pay her.

Ruth Adamako and Meseret Hnkamo Lamora were not paid by their employers and worked in slavery-like conditions.

Hassan made Chizoba work in his house, clothing shop and mother-in-law’s house. He owes her 4 months salary and physically abused her injuring her hearing.

Saeed Al Yousef was secretly recorded beating *Hannah and saying “Now I will kill you not hit you. I swear to God I will cut your head. I’m not afraid of anyone. No embassy. No police.” She managed to escape from the balcony.


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